Lips that rain

Photo on 18-01-2013 at 17.38Wasting time. Cynicism. Now speech.  Words are powerful, they have an effect, they change things for better or for worse, yet they come so easily. (And yes, those are my lips!)

Last post I shared a journal entry with you, one that led to both this poem and the one shared previously.  I was suddenly aware as I sat that day about  how caught up in busyness I had become, how self-centered that had made my life, how closed off to the presence of God, and how all of this had overflowed into my speech.  The sound that comes through our lips fills the atmosphere with whatever is in our heart.  This is why the Bible is so full of instructions about speech, telling the truth, speaking love and encouragement, controlling the tongue.  This is why worship – spoken and sung – is so essential as it trains the way we speak in every part of life.  This is the train of thought that led to the next poem.Again, please read generously, I don’t claim that these poems reflect incredible skill, but simply that they reflect my thoughts and heart at the time of writing. I hope they might speak to you too.



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