Death – a poem

A doorway, or a thief?

Pain or relief?

At last.Farewell.

Above, beneath.

See you later,




Endless descriptions, yet one truth is needed:

That oppressive sovereignty, once firm, has been ceded.

For when Jesus Christ rose, death was defeated.

Our hearts feel the pain of this temporary separation,

but Spirit brings comfort of guaranteed celebration.

For those who know him, by Christ are well known,

and presented to Father at the glorious throne.

Death is defeated, life is assured,

Love won the victory,

‘Welcome’ the final word.


4 thoughts on “Death – a poem

  1. Sam, this is brilliant. I’ve read many poems on death (and many hallmark cards) and quite frankly they’re total pants. The best hope they can offer is ‘oh well, at least you have some nice memories, ey’. But the truth and reality of salvation and heaven are so very wonderful. Nice one!

    • Thank you so much Emily. Knowing what you have been through those words mean a lot. We have an incredible hope made more so by the fact it is sure and certain. “We don’t mourn as those who have no hope.”

      • I love that verse. I’ve been surprised to learn that it’s true! Alex’s Bible bookmark just so happened to be on that page in Thessalonians when I looked after he died, just by chance… but a very cool coincidence.

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