cropped-cropped-header1.jpgAbout me…

I love Jesus, am married to Anna, and am Dad to little Leo Frank.  I’m passionate about seeing the church in the UK equipped to share the good news of Jesus across our nation.  I passionately believe that every person is made for a purpose and I love to see people empowered to live what they’re made for.  As part of that I’m a church leader at St Mary’s Loughton, work for one of the most innovative and exciting theological education organisation I’ve ever come across (Westminster Theological Centre) and am doing some doctoral research into the role of the Holy Spirit in Christian leadership based on the thought of Stanley Hauerwas.

We're so wanting to live like this we've painted it on our living room wall

And I never planned any of that…

Life with God is an adventure. We’re called simply (but never passively!) to be faithful, seeing what He’ll do as we are.  This blog is where I share what I’m learning and thinking as I walk my own journey in a such a way that I hope it’ll encourage you on yours.

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